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100 Northside Drive

Midway, KY  40347



We exist to reach people for Jesus and to help them become all they were created to be, in Christ! 


Sundays at 10:30am


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Step 1: Connect to our Church

Step 2: Discover Your Design

Step 3: Develop Your Leadership

Step 4: Join the Dream Team

Video Sessions 

Church Cross

Connect to Our Church


Step 1
Uplifted Youth

Discover Your Design


Step 2
Therapy Session

Develop Your



Step 3
Girl Going to Church

Join the Dream Team


Step 4

Dream Team


To administer excellence within the logistics of SCC, so that our guests can

reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.

Growth Track Team

Exemplify our Core Values through various roles that help guests take their

next steps in discovering the purpose God has for them.


To create and sustain a warm, family atmosphere so that all of our guests know they are loved.

Sojourn Kids

Create a fun, excellent experience for kids, be an expression of Jesus’ love for them in showing them that

you care for them.

Worship Guides

 Team members use their gifts to welcome and provide

worship guides for each guest.

Sound & Media

Serve diligently behind the scenes to support the Dream Team who serve on stage through songs, messages, or videos.


Team members used to set the atmosphere of worship in the service, prepare hearts for the Holy Spirit and

the Word, and to encourage the congregation to join along.